Free Two-Day Investing Seminar


Embark on a journey into the science of investing and create an open conversation about what often goes undiscussed for families: your financial future.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover their True Purpose for Money
  • Become a conscious investor
  • Eliminate stock picking and gambling with their money
  • Begin a journey toward investing peace of mind
  • Recapture, reclaim, and realize their Extraordinary Life
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Matson Money created a version of its signature large-scale coaching event, "The American Dream Experience," named "Breakthrough Investing," which is targeted specifically for investors around the globe. The concepts and majority of the materials used to train and develop attendees to both events are identical and interchangeable. By bringing the American Dream Experience and Breakthrough Investing to advisors and investors, Matson Money is fulfilling its mission: to save the investor and save the world by creating the ideals of the American Dream as a global phenomenon. While the following testimonials have been provided by attendees from the American Dream Experience, Matson Money believes they are also representative of Breakthrough Investing events.

Discover Investing Science

A Powerful Blend of Finance, Economics, and Human Performance

In Breakthrough Investing is an opportunity to discover what academic investing science is, how it works, and how it can help fulfill your life’s purpose. Participants have an opportunity to discover their True Purpose for Money and learn about the empirically-tested academic investing principles that make up our investing methodology, the Matson Method.

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Rise to the Challenge: Empower Yourself and Your Family

The greatest performers in life recognize the value of continuous education, especially in pursuing a promising financial future for themselves and their families. Don't miss the opportunity to join the ranks of these exceptional individuals. Register for Breakthrough Investing today, and take the first step toward gaining clarity and confidence in your financial endeavors. Your path to a new financial destiny awaits — invest in your future, and witness the transformation that unfolds.

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